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Rockin’ It!

Rockin’ It When I was young, mom sent me to day camp because I was such a hyper-active little twit she felt my backyard just wasn’t big enough to entertain me. So off

Yorks Wild Kingdom Review: Part 2

We finally had the chance to finish our visit to York’s Wild Kingdom last week, on a perfect 75 degree and sunny day. Our first attempt was rained out after about an hour,

Colors of Awakening

Colors of Awakening ~ A Review

I love to read. Reading has always given me peace and let me explore new worlds and ideas. It’s a love that I’m proud to see my children sharing. Colors of

Terry Treetop

Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg

Terry Treetop is an adorable character! Terry Treetop finds and egg and is very worried about the egg being lost. He takes some time out of his day to find


Today’s Thriftshop finds: Nifty Thrifties!

Got some great thrifty threads this morning at one of my old favorite thriftshop, Material Objects in Portand, Maine. I’ve been shopping their racks since the 80s (old-school thriftshop)! Best part was, one of my

camp view


I spent the weekend in Brownfield, Maine at my camp. My old camper is parked at Shannon’s Saco River Sanctuary, just uphill from the Saco River. My Nanna must be rolling in her grave

Time Out of Joint

Time Out of Joint

It’s no secret by now that I read a lot when I get the time. Time Out of Joint was a great book that I enjoyed very much. Historical fiction is such