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Thanksgiving is this week.  I can tell by all the “list top 5 things you are thankful for” status updates on Facebook.  I struggle a bit with this, because honestly, I do not need a specific day each year to gather my thoughts on thankfulness.  I try and be mindful, and give thanks all through the year, and teach my children the same. 

As DH and I plan our  turkey day dinner menu, I find my mind wandering to Friday.  Black Friday.  A bonus day off from the office tied with the Thanksgiving holiday.  I would love to just run off and go shopping for the day with my girlfriends, but in reality I know I will getting some much needed clean up done around the house.

One of the annual clean up projects we try to do around Thanksgiving is organize and de-clutter the playroom.  While I am thankful my kids have received many gifts through the past year, it’s time to downsize again.  I have the children help too, and they decide what special toys stay, and what other, less played with, toys they want to donate.  Allowing my children to partake in the decision to donate some of their underused toys helps them understand how blessed our family truly is.  Plus I like that the toys are donated in time to be shared before the December holidays.

During the clean up, I observe  the way my children thoughtfully decide about donating a toy.  Their next question to me is what kind of little boy or girl do I think will get their toy.  It brings me such joy to know I am raising such compassionate children, as well as having them understand, we all take part in clean up duty.  It’s not just Mommy and Daddy that clean the house, or do the laundry.

Toy clean up and laundry are two very kid friendly household chores.  Kids, as young as two, can help separate socks from a load of laundry.  You can always match and fold them after they get distracted, and go play with something else.  As they get older, kids can help fold simple items like wash cloths and towels.  I know in my house we go through a ton of towels.

There is nothing like taking out a warm, fluffy and lightly scented towels on a chilly afternoon, and covering yourself up with them on the couch before you fold them.  Oh, you know you’ve done it too!  I can’t be the only strange person that does this!  It’s fun to bury the kids in a bundle of fresh and warm laundry too!  It usually results in a laundry war, and each of us trying to cover each other as fast as we can.  Gain’s Sunflower & Sunshine is perfect for adding a “sunny bright spot” in the mountain of laundry most families have on a regular basis.

Here’s something fun for Thanksgiving.  Below is a fun tutorial for folding towel swans.  How fun would it be to use napkins instead and decorate your Thanksgiving table with swans!  So cute!

And as an extra Thanksgiving treat, Gain has generously donated (5) Gain coupon books worth $10 dollars each for me to giveaway!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Product and additional incentives were provided to me. All opinions are mine alone.

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  1. Is pumpkin pie a side dish? Because pumpkin pie is my favorite main dish, side dish, and dessert!! I’m making 8 pies this year!
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