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Easy @ Home thermometer 650


When I was a kid and I was sick, out came the old glass thermometer. It was always a mystery to me how my mother could read the thermometer – when I looked at it all I saw were the numbers, but no indicator of what my actual temperature was. Eventually she showed me how to tilt it just the right way to see the clear line where the temperature indicator was. But the thing I remember the most about mercury thermometers was what happened when they broke. You had to be very careful with the broken glass, but the mercury was very fun to play with. It formed into little balls and if you pushed them together they would join and make even larger balls of mercury. Seriously, it is a miracle that anyone in my generation survived the 1970s, based on the toxicity of mercury and the lack of seat belts.

In the intervening years I have used many different types of thermometers. Digital thermometers have been popular for a few decades now, but I have never been able to find one that was as accurate as a mercury thermometer. Until I started using the Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer NCT 301. I am very impressed with the accuracy of this thermometer, and with how simple it is to use.

The Easy@Home Thermometer has three different modes: body, room and surface temperature of an object. To take a person’s temperature you simply set the mode to body, make sure that the Fahrenheit or Celsius selector is on the correct option, aim the sensor at the center of the forehead (1.2 to 2″ away) and press the scan button. The temperature will be displayed in readable numbers. The tri-color display will also indicate the absence or presence of fever. For temperatures up to 99.1° F, the background will be green. It will be yellow for temperatures of 99.3° to 100.2° F, and red for fevers of over 100.4° F. The sensor is very receptive and returns an accurate temperature.

The Easy@Home Thermometer also offers the options of monitoring the temperature of a room, or of monitoring the surface temperature of an object. Using it for either of these purposes is just as easy as taking a person’s temperature. Just switch to the correct mode, point and press scan. But the real strength of the thermometer is in taking body temperatures. I wish I had had this thermometer when my children were babies; I used to hate having to wake them up to take their temperatures. The Easy@Home Thermometer avoids this issue by allowing you to take your child’s temperature without even touching her forehead. Just make sure there is no hair in the way, point and scan. There is even a button to mute the beep so that it won’t wake your child. The no-touch scan has the added advantage of keeping the thermometer free of germs and avoiding transmission of illness between your children. Plus, if you want to keep track of your child’s changing temperature over a few hours or a couple of days, simply press the memory button to view the last 32 measurements.

The Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer NCT 301, which comes with its own hard plastic storage case, is a great investment for your first aid closet. With a lifetime no-hassle replacement guarantee, you can be confident that this thermometer will last your family many, many years. It also makes and excellent gift for a new mom, or as a spare to keep at grandma’s house.

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