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Palace Playland from the beachI recently spent a picture-perfect day at Palace Playland with my husband and our two kids. It was our son’s 13th birthday (kind of a big deal) and we thought that spending the summer day together on Old Orchard Beach would be a great way to celebrate. We could not have been more right!

The weather cooperated beautifully, giving us a sunny day in the high 70’s. Maybe it was because it was a weekday, but the amusement rides had little to no waiting lines, so we got right on to every ride we tried. Score. Every staff person there was kind, helpful and smiling.

Our daughter is only 7, but very tall for her age, so she was too big to ride the kiddie rides. But there were plenty of other fun rides to choose from, and we tried them all! Her favorites were the Dizzy Dragons and the Rainbow Slide. And the fun house. And the bumper cars.
dizzy dragons

Our son liked the pirate ship and the roller coaster the best, and we went on both of those several times. The joy on his face was contagious!


I was proud of myself for braving the Adrenalin ride. MUCH higher and faster than I thought it would be! But so fun. I thought my face might melt off from the G-forces.

But my favorite was the Ferris wheel ride we all took together on the edge of the beach. Such a beautiful family moment!

ferris wheel family
Halfway through our day, we took a walk up the Pier and got some tasty treats, then wandered down to the water, where the kids played in the ocean for over an hour while mom and dad enjoyed the sea breeze. Then we dried off and headed back to the park for more fun!

If you go, be prepared to pay for parking (lots in Old Orchard Beach range from $8-$20 during the day and are a little cheaper at night), and I’d suggest buying a ride bracelet. You don’t have to pay to get in, so wander around and scope out the rides. If there are more than a few that you want to try, paying with individual tickets will get pricey fast. And some of the rides didn’t last very long…which would be a bummer if I’d just used up some of my tickets on it, but with an unlimited pass, you can just get right back on again!

The cost is well worth the quality time you will spend at this beautiful seaside park. The best part of my day came near the end, when my now-teenager declared this to be his “best birthday ever” and one of the best family days he’s had in a while. You just can’t put a price on memories like that. Thank you, Palace Playland!


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