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Rockin' It

Rockin’ It

When I was young, mom sent me to day camp because I was such a hyper-active little twit she felt my backyard just wasn’t big enough to entertain me. So off to camp I went in the VW Microbus that came every morning at 8:30am to pick me up, lunch in hand. I have vague memories of that camp but fond ones. Crafts were my favorite. And back in the 70’s (Oh, I’m dating myself here aren’t I?) those plastic lanyards were the hot thing. I still want to remake them if I could remember the type of knot. But the one thing I really enjoyed was painting rocks. Maybe it was the nature freak in me, but there was something about it I enjoyed. Maybe it was the glitter we were able to sprinkle on them.

Fast forward 40 years.

My son has a good friend Alysha who has the craft gene. And she paints rocks. And does a beautiful job of it! I believe she started with owls. As you can see in my avatar here, this is just one of the rocks she decorated to look like a owl. I love the intricate detail she has put into it and the patience! Each one she owljewelrymakes is unique! She took it a step further and made gorgeous necklaces with some of them! The rocks themselves are pretty!

Rockin' It

And each one is done by hand with either paint or pen!

And you can take her owls and add them to your OWN craft project! Have a beautiful piece of drift wood? Add one of her owls to it. Just glue it to the wood and it comes to life!


Alysha also has awesome handwriting! She loves color! She paints larger rocks and freehands sayings on them! These make wonderful gifts!

Rockin' It

Anything you want or can imagine she will paint onto ohiostatea rock! These can be used as paperweights, put onto picture stands or out in your garden! And being that it’s got a personal touch, it makes it all that more special!




But wait there’s more!

She has access to pallets. M.a.n.y pallets.

So Alysha took to painting things on the pallet boards. Which is great because most of these pallets (provided they aren’t treated) get thrown away into a landfill! SignBoard

This one below would make a wonderful wedding gift!

Marriage Sign

A friend of hers just opened a vaping shop in the area. As a “good luck” gift she painted her a sign


She has also made benches and flags!


Anything you want, she can put on a pallet board or rock!


Alysha normally does craft fairs and sells locally but is starting to branch out into the internet world.

beYOUtifulwalkthelineboard  Have something to say? Say it on a rock or board! And proudly display it!  A personalized gift always has more meaning especially if it’s been handmade!  You took the time and put thought into the gift! And gifts like this are always more cherished! It’s one of a kind! Or are you deserving of something of your own? You can always have something made and add your own idea or decorating savvy to it!

Remember, the holidays are fast approaching (I know, I’m a summer kill joy) and if you’re tired of the same old same old think about something handmade and unique  that will be appreciated! And no malls involved!

If your interested in any of Alysha’s creations or have an idea and would like to see it done on a rock or board you can email Alysha using the form below. She can give you a price quote and can ship it to you (within the US).

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