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Okay, it might be true that I had WAY too much fun using the Cordless Engraving Pen from RMC Associates. It might also be true that I tested it on several things I shouldn’t have – but I did it all for you, dear readers, so that you wouldn’t have to try this at home. You are welcome

First of all, let me say that I love this Cordless Engraving Pen. I have tried other engraving pens before, and they just didn’t hold up. Engraving pens with cords are just a pain in the neck, because you have to keep them near an outlet, and the cord is never very long. The one I had was pointed and I was always afraid I was going to hurt myself. The cordless engraving pens I used were even worse; after one use they had no power left to engrave anything. The RMC Associates Cordless Engraving Pen is not like that at all. I have been using it pretty steadily for three weeks, and it is showing no signs of wearing down.

So what have I used it for? Mostly to write my initials on my possessions. It is way too fun to use, and so simple. All you have to do is add 2 ‘AA’ batteries when it comes, and it is ready to go. I’ve labeled my phone, my iPad, my laptop, my daughter’s calculator, and even my sunglasses (on the arm, obviously)! It is great for putting your or your child’s initials on things, especially when they leave the house. Now that school is starting in a couple of weeks, it is a great time to label your child’s electronics, pencil case, even their pencil sharpener and ruler! It works well on wood, plastic, metal or glass. Be sure to wear safety glasses when you use it, since it does produce a bit of dust from whatever it is engraving. It has a tiny ball on the end so that it is not sharp, so it is safer than the old engraving pens, but works even better. It also comes with an additional engraving nib.

There are also lot of other things that you can do with the Cordless Engraving Pen. You can use it for decoration, borders and even words on wood or glass. It would be a fun way to etch glass, and add a border to a favorite mirror. You can personalize jewelry or medals, and even add your initials for identification.
So if you are looking to add your own personal touch to craft projects, or just to protect your possessions from theft, the RMC Associates Cordless Engraving Pen is the answer. It is a great value, and would make a perfect gift for practically anyone!

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