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I admit it, I am a complete and total nerd. I love to learn new things, and I just love knowing things. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science that I received through online learning in 2004. And now I am a blogger. That is one way that I am able to share the information that I think is important, like this: you do not have to break the bank to learn new skills and follow new interests. And even better, while you are learning a new skill – online, at your own pace, and inexpensively, you can make money sharing your own skills. Have you ever wanted to teach online? Start by creating a course that you develop through Udemy, a fabulous online learning marketplace. And I am here to point you in the right direction on getting started, with the Udemy course “How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Income with Udemy” by Dave Espino.

The number of students taking online courses, and especially the number taking Udemy courses, has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. There is a real need for classes on practically any topic that you can imagine, and Dave explains how to share your knowledge while creating a passive income for yourself. Passive income means that after you do the initial work of setting up the class, individuals can sign up to take your class at any time, and you earn the money from the class. There is very little work for you to do after the creation and setup – you need to maintain your class by responding to questions from students and by creating announcement or updating information as necessary.

That not to say that creating classes is mindless or simple, but it is well worth it. If you create a class that becomes popular, and you put the effort into planning and executing the class, you can be well compensated for your time. I am planning on creating a class as soon as I use Dave’s brainstorming method to choose a topic, but I can see myself creating a few different classes.

Dave walks you through the entire creation of a course from the germ of an idea to the final rollout on Udemy. He leaves nothing to chance and answers all of your questions in a logical, well-designed manner. You could set up a class on Udemy without taking Dave’s course, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The number of pitfalls that he helps you avoid through his extensive experience is well worth the investment in the course, but it doesn’t stop there. He takes you from brainstorming ideas through the outlining, marketing and promotion of your course. This is truly a step-by-step instruction, and he doesn’t abandon you when you are finished with the class – you can ask him questions at any point. Another great thing about Udemy is that once you pay for a class (or sign up for one of many free classes) it is yours forever. No subscription or required number of courses. He covers how to create videos and .pdf files, record voice, create graphics, and use the many tools that Udemy offers. He shares his first-hand knowledge of what Udemy and its users are looking for in a class, and how to make your course stand out and be competitive. He even includes additional resources at the end.

One of the best things about “How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Income with Udemy” is that in addition to teaching you how to organize and create your course, it gives you an excellent example of a course that has been well-thought out and logically created. Before you even think about creating your own Udemy course, you should check out Dave’s stellar class.

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