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Summertime in York Beach, Maine, and life is good.

I  recently spent a sunny Monday afternoon with my husband and two kids at York’s Wild Kingdom, and we made so many great memories. We went last year and couldn’t wait to go again! My daughter loves animals of all shapes and sizes, so this place is like heaven for her. With a diverse zoo and lots of amusement rides to choose from, the hardest part is deciding which area to visit first!


We started out on the zoo side, with the playful monkeys and petting zoo goats. The ducks are everywhere, and very friendly, and we love purchasing pellets for 25 cents and letting them eat from our hand (their beaks tickle!).  They swim right alongside you while you are paddling the pond in a paddle boat. You can take as many rides as you want!  Not sure why the water is so bright green…but the birds seemed happy and healthy regardless. Feeding the free-roaming deer is very special too, and not something you get to do every day.

duck pond at Yorks Wild Kingdom

After seeing many of the animals, we were ready to break for a late lunch, and there are so many pleasant picnic areas shaded by large trees. It’s a welcome way to cool off and rest tired feet. Once we had enjoyed some food (including some AMAZING fried dough) and drinks, we hit the amusement park.

big slide

There are enough rides to keep both of my children entertained, and they even went on a few together! My daughter LOVES the huge slide and the many fun houses, while my son likes the more adventurous rides. My favorite was the family ride on the merry go round, complete with a carousel selfie.

York Carousel

We got nice and dizzy on rides, then went to see some more animals. The Butterfly Kingdom is very cool, and one of our favorite places in the park.

Butterfly Kingdom

At the end of the day, we didn’t want the fun to end. So we drove a few minutes down the road to the beautiful Long Sands Beach. What a perfect ending to a fun family day! The kids splashed in the waves, we found some seashells, snails, rocks and crabs, and got refreshed by the salty sea breeze before our ride home. The close proximity of the beach to York’s Wild Kingdom is a huge bonus!

Snails at York Beach

York’s Wild Kingdom is open through September, so grab the kids and head to York Beach for a day of affordable family fun. They have something there for everyone to enjoy!



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